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Welcome To What Bookies

Are you sick of signing up to bad bookies? Do you want to find trustworthy and reliable sites to bet at?  Well you’ve come to the right place welcome to WhatBookies.co.uk your guide for the best betting sites in the UK.

Do you want to know how you can dramatically improve your chances of winning at online betting sites?

We cut through the bullshit and find you reliable betting websites for you to sign up to meaning we take the risk completely out of the picture ensuring that you will be safe and secure while betting online. Have a look at the table below for our list of the best betting sites in the UK:

Best Online Bookmakers In The UK for 2017:

Bookies BonusPayment Methods 

Come On!

Get £20 Free BetClaim Bonus

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Leo Vegas

Get £100 Profit BoostClaim Bonus

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Mr. Green

£100 + 200 Free Spins

Claim Bonus

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Get £100 Free Bet

Claim Bonus

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Get £10 Free BetClaim Bonus

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Get £60 Free BetClaim Bonus

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Get £60 Free BetClaim Bonus

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Genting Bet

Get £10 + 10 Free Spins

Claim Bonus

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10 Bet

Get £200 + £120

Claim Bonus

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Get £50 + £200

Claim Bonus

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More UK Betting Sites

We dont just cover the sites themselves, we also have pages where we review betting offers, betting apps, match previews and current sporting news. We created this site in order to ensure that our loyal readers will ever get ripped off ever again while placing bets online, with the rules becoming easier to establish your own betting portal its vitally important you know which sites you can trust which is where we come in. So you can leave the risk to us as we scour the internet testing, reviewing and ranking the best online betting sites in the United Kingdom.

A Quick look at our Top 3 for 2017:

Here we will take a brief look at our top 3 bookmakers, for a more in-depth take on whats available make sure you check out our full review section.

ComeOn – Bet £10 Get £20

ComeOn Free Bet

Our number 1 betting site at this current moment in ComeOn! Now some of you may not know this brand which is understandable they haven’t spent the millions that other sites have on TV ads to build up brand recognition. But let me tell you these guys really are a diamond in the rough, they offer prices on plenty of different markets, an incredibly extensive range of promotions, enhanced odds on a weekly basis which will sky rocket your winnings, a dedicated mobile betting application and a fantastic online casino sites which compliments all of this. If you’d like more information on ComeOn! feel free to check out our full review. But if this sounds like your kind of site then claim your £20 free bet by pressing the button below.

10Bet – £200 Bonus + £120 in free bets

10Bet Free Bet

2nd on our list is 10Bet, they are starting to edge further into the limelight over the past year investing in TV ads in between football matches as they continue to climb up the ladder and hopefully dominate the UK sports betting market. They offer their punters a dedicated betting app, a whopping £320 in free bets as a welcome offer, great range of pre match and in-play markets to bet on, round the clock supper and a nice array of payment methods to choose from. For more info on whats available at 10bet head on over to their review page or you can claim your £320 bonus by clicking the button below:

Mobilebet – £50 Free Bet + £200 In Casino Bonuses

MobileBet Free Bet

Taking bronze prize on our betting sites list is MobileBet, a relatively new outfit but one that has understood the importance of offering a great mobile product. Offering customers an intuitive and responsive layout that has been optimised for both desktop and mobile users they’ve complemented this with a £250 welcome bonus, great selection of in-play and pre match markets as well as a top notch VIP program which can see you trade in points for designer items like Rolex watches and even holidays. For more information on MobileBet head on over to their review page, however if you like what you see click the button below for your £250 deposit bonus:

888 Sports – Trebel Your Odds

MobileBet Free Bet

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Unibet – £30 Welcome Bonus

MobileBet Free Bet

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Free Bet Promo Codes

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Pros & Cons of betting online

  • Entertaining: Betting adds to the entertainment value of watching a sport, you’re much more interested on the outcome of an event if you’ve got the possibility of winning some money from it. With online gambling you can now bet from anywhere in the world which takes us on to our next point.
  • Convenience: Tying in with the first point, internet betting is a lot more convenient than betting through a bookies, you can do it from anywhere in the world as long as you have a device that is capable of accessing the internet. This means you no longer have to leave the game, the pub or days out with the family in order to place a bet.
  • Options: There are so many options when it comes to betting online, while this may seem like more of an effort it actually gives you the chance to compare the odds at a variety of bookies to ensure that you get the best value for your money.
  • Budget: Given that online betting takes the human interaction out of it you can place bets as big or as little as you want without having to deal with any negative stigma attached to it. You wont be looked down on for placing 10p accumulators.
  • Privacy: As you’re the only person there you wont have any fellow bettors looking over your shoulder for tips meaning your whole gambling experience is a completely private one unless you want to share your tips with another person.
  • Bonuses: Definitely the most appealing part, welcome bonuses are offered to new customers which can really add more value to your starting bank roll giving you more money to bet, more chances to win and if you do win potentially bigger prizes.

  • Convenience: Yeah you have seen this one already in the Pros section, however its a double edged sword in the way that sometimes online betting websites can make betting a little too convenient resulting in you placing more bets because you’re trying to cover your losses. At least with a  shop once you leave and get home if you want to place another bet you have to go back again which would probably be an off putting thought.
  • Rogue Sites: It happens unfortunately, sites go rogue and wont allow you to withdraw your winnings keeping your money. Fortunately for you though all of the sites we review are verified and given our seal off approval so as long as you follow what we say this will not happen to you.
  • Withdrawal Speeds: Unlike betting in a store you cant get your money straight away after you win, while it may appear in your account you need to withdraw it to your banking method. This can take from 24 hours all the way up to 5 business days.
  • No Social: Unfortunately there isn’t the same social aspect to online gambling as you wont be talking to anyone in a shop or having any human interaction.
  • Transaction Fees: Using card payments usually bring transaction fees, all of the bookmakers we review actually absorb this themselves however some don’t and will pass the cost down on to you.
  • Legal Issues: The laws around online betting are changing all the time with some bookies losing their licenses to operate in different countries which causes them to stop accepting bets from that country.

While there are some negatives to betting online we found that the pros well out weigh the cons, so if you haven’t made the move just yet then we suggest that you do. Online betting is the future and we believe that a lot of the bookmaker shops will start making the transition to a completely online entity.

How Do We Choose?

So you may be thinking, with so many betting sites to choose from how do whatbookies.co.uk review them to ensure that their readers are 100% safe and secure while betting online? Well unlike a lot of other comparison sites that you see online we actually register accounts with every online bookmakers that we review site, deposit our own money and trial them out for a minimum of 2 weeks before we write them up for the site. Now we don’t just pick the ones we personally like we take a factual approach to each and every site and compare it to our list of criteria which makes a good betting site:

Usability: The first thing that anyone experiences when going to a new betting site for the first time, how difficult it is to use. With technology advancing at a rapid rate, bookies are getting more creative with site layouts this is both good and bad, while its nice to see a truly unique website layout which stands out from the crowd it can have adverse effects when there is too much style and not enough substance. For every site we review we look at how easy the site is to use, how its been laid out and whether or not we can move around the site with out much difficulty. Ideally you should be able to get to any page on the site within 2 clicks any more than that and it starts to become over complicated.

Betting Markets: These are the kind of sports that are priced up on site, while the majority of online gambling websites price up most sports there are some like RaceBets who only focus on horse racing and other who are better at specific markets such as Boylesports and Paddy Power who tend to have a better focus on the UK and Irish Horse Racing markets then the likes of Bet365. After we look at the sports on offer then we boil down even further and see what leagues and countries they price up odds for. But wait thats not it, we dig even deeper and take a look at the type of bets that you’ll be able to place.

In-Play Betting: By far one of the best additions to online betting, the ability to be able to bet on the in-play markets is paramount for a good gambling site, if they don’t have this feature then we wouldn’t even consider them for our list. If they do have it, well then we like to look at the console itself, how responsive it is and what sports they currently price markets up for.

Mobile Betting: Nowadays there is an increasing trend with people using their mobiles for everything, whether its shopping online or speaking to their friends over Facebook and its the same with online betting. More of us now choose to use our mobiles to place bets than we do through a desktop computer/laptop. Taking this into consideration we first take look at the app store to see if the bookmaker that we are currently reviewing has a dedicated mobile app. If this isnt the case as not all do (especially the newer ones) we then head over to their website to ensure that they have correctly optimised it for a selection of mobiles. We test each site on iOS, Windows and Android phones ensuring that no matter what phone our reader has they will still be able to get a high quality experience.

Welcome Offer: Now comes everyones favourite part, without a doubt the bookies welcome offer is by far the most exciting and enticing part when signing up to a new site, in our opinion the bigger the better a we like value for money. When taking a look at the sites welcome offer we boil it right down and see what kind of terms and conditions you will have to fulfil before you can cash out any of your winnings. We also look at the steps involved when claiming the bonus to ensure that its marketed correctly as betting sites have been known to say they offer one thing but in reality the bonus is entirely different.

Promotions: Here we take a look at whats on offer for their existing customers, we’ve seen it many times once you’ve taken the sign up bonus thats it theres nothing else on offer. Well we think you can’t run a good betting site without looking after your existing customers, thats why we take a look at EVERY promotion that they offer customers and if they don’t offer anything of value well they definitely wont be making it on our list.

Customer Support: This is generally part of the site which is often overlooked as the majority of times you will never have to use it. However we pay particular attention to this area and actually ask a set amount of questions to gauge their responses. We will also be looking at the times of operation, what methods they have and how long they take to answer any questions that we do have.

Payment Methods: Another area which people tend to forget about but one that is equally important as any of the other criteria we use. Payment methods today are incredibly diverse with customers having so many choices when it comes to funding and withdrawing  from their betting account we feel its important to offer as many as possible. So in this are we will be looking at which methods they offer, are their any minimum and maximum withdrawals, as well as how long withdrawals take to process.

Verdict: Here we give our opinion, summarising all the criteria above to form a decision on whether we think you our reader should sign up and have an account with them.

What types of welcome offers are available?

So you’ve decided you want to sign up to an online betting site? If you’re new to this then this is definitely worth having a read over. This is just a brief guide to the types of welcome bonuses that will be available to you, you can find our complete range of bonuses on our betting offers page. We will list each type of bonus that we’ve come across as well as a brief explanation as to what they are:

  • Matched Bet: Without a shadow of a doubt the most common welcome bonus we’ve found when reviewing sites, for those of you who don’t know a matched bet is a multiplier calculated on your wager. Now both the wager and the multiplier can vary at every site for example Betfred do a bet £10 get £60 offer which is a 600% multiplier where as William Hill its only bet £10 get £20 which is a 200% multiplier. Then theres offers such as Ladbrokes who only have a 100% multiplier attached to it but its a bigger bonus as its actually bet £50 get £50. The nice thing about matched bets is they normally only require a turn over of 1 x.
  • Matched Deposit: These are the bigger versions of a matched bet, however this time the multiplier will be attached to your first deposit and not your first wager. An example of this bonus in action is the 100% up to £200 bonus from Bet365. Keep in mind though with these bigger bonuses comes a lot more terms and conditions. Its not unusual for deposit bonuses to need to be turned over between 4 – 8 x your original deposit + your bonus amount.
  • No Deposit Bonus: This is a pretty self explanatory welcome bonus, its essentially free cash with out requiring a deposit up front. However winnings can and normally will be limited from these offers to prevent people getting lucky on a crazy accumulator and winnings £500k without depositing any of their own money upfront.
  • Bet Basket: These tend to be a combinations of bets that are released over a specific period of time once you have completed the set criteria. An example of this bonus in action is with 10Bet who offers £120 in free bets over the year (as well as a £200 bonus up front) these can only be claimed when you place ten bets throughout the month though.
  • Odds Enhancement: This is where the odds of a specific event are boosted meaning you’ll get bigger winnings. These can be set offers however both Leo Vegas and 888 Sport currently offer odds enhancements on anything of your choosing.

Remember to gamble responsibly

WhatBookies.co.uk is managed by experienced sports bettors, we’ve been through all the ups and downs that online betting has to offer which is why we enjoy helping other bettors find the right betting site for them to sign up to.

At the end of the day your safety is in our best interest, we want loyal readers who take on board the advice we give and even share it with their friends in order to take the negative stigma away from the online gambling world. While we all personally thing gambling is a fantastic past time and can be a great money spinner on the side its important that you gamble responsibly.

What we mean by this is don’t get over your head, betting sites have now put safeguards in to help spot and prevent problem gambling and we feel its our duty to tell you that you shouldn’t gamble what you cant afford to lose. Were all adults here and we need to accept with betting that we have our wins and we have our losses but its the losses we need to learn to ride out without getting emotional over as this is where mistakes are made.

Set a budget and stick to that budget, If you lose it don’t deposit more money in a hope that you can win it back as this rarely every works out for you in the long run.