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Best Casino Bonuses for 2017

On this page we will be running through the best casino bonuses from our top rated gambling sites, here you will find all the top welcome bonuses ranked in order not in terms of size but which we feel offer best value for money. When ranking each bonus we take into consideration more than just how big it is, we look at the T&C’s and everything else that comes into it. Below are our favourite casino bonuses for 2016:

Best Casino Bonuses:

How We Rank & Rate:

When looking at a casino bonus there is a lot more to take into consideration that just how much cash is on offer, if you were to go around claiming all the biggest bonuses you may actually find that you end up worse off than if you were to take some of the smaller welcome packages out on the net. This is because with each bonus there is they will have a different set of terms and conditions that you will be required to adhere to. Thats why you wont always find the largest bonuses at the top, in fact some of them may be at the bottom depending on the criteria that you have to fulfil before you can withdraw any winnings.

Firstly we look at the overall size of the bonus, after all everyone loves a big bonus as it gives you more cash to play with up front which means you can place more wagers and potentially win more and often.

Then we also look at what other bonuses come attached to it, some like Leo Vegas’ £1,500 + 250 free spins obviously comes with free spins as well meaning that you will actually get more for your money than some of the other bonuses which are straight cash.

We then take a look at how its been staggered, a lot of casinos don’t actually give you the full bonus upfront. Instead it is spread across your first, second, third and even fourth deposit. Which means you wont get the full amount all at once and instead relies on you enjoying your time at the casino and wanting to come back for more. Some times the free spins that are awarded to you will be given to you on consecutive days which means if you miss out on any of the days then they’re gone for good.

After we’ve analysed the upfront components of the welcome bonus we then take a look at whats going on behind the scenes, first up is the wagering requirement this is how many times we will need to turnover the bonus before we can withdraw any of the money ourselves now normally this is around 20 x to 30 x but some bonuses can be even more than this (typically the ones which are larger).

We then take a look into what kind of games will go forward to the wagering requirement, table games typically only make 25% where as slots will go forward 100%.

What types of casino bonuses are there?

Now while browsing online or even on this site different gambling sites offer different bonuses, not everyone of them is the same which means there are quite a few to choose from. In this section of the site we will be covering the main types of bonuses that you yourself will come across while searching online. There are variations to the list but these are the main types you will find:

Deposit Bonuses

Firstly the most common welcome bonus that you will see is called the deposit bonus, this is the standard one. Every online casino site will have this as their stock bonus and it basically works as a multiplication of your first deposit. The way it varies at sites is the size of the multiplication they add to it, some sites are 100% of your first deposit where as we’ve even seen 500% on your first deposit at some online casinos. These are great ways to boost your starting bank balance as you’ll get more money however they aren’t great if you want to try out a casino without committing your own money.

No Deposit Bonuses

Second in our list are no deposit bonuses, this is essentially free cash to use at the online casino on any of their games. Great for bringing new customers through the doors as they don’t actually need to deposit or commit any of their own money to it giving you the ability to try out the casino first to see if you like whats on offer before you make a deposit. If you don’t like what you see then you can move straight on to the next one without having to lose. The nice bit about no deposit bonuses is that they’re normally backed up by a 2nd deposit bonus in order to try and convert you into a paying customer which essentially means you’ll be able to claim not one but two welcome bonuses should you wish to stay at the casino. You can also wager as little or as much as you want with the cash.

Free Spins

Thirdly are free spins, these have recently just become incredibly popular and in a way are the same thing as a no deposit bonus, but instead of being provided with cash to use how you want you will be given “spins” which essentially means you can spin a specific slot a certain amount of times for free, and any winnings will be worked out on a multiplier of what the value of the spin is (normally 1p – 10p). While free spins are great they do limit the amount you can wager as this is already predetermined for you, and sometimes the casino will restrict you to slots that they want you to play which is no good if you don’t like the video slot in the first place. Due to the set wager it also prevents any big wins with a single lucky spin but it has been known for people to win jackpots with free spins so it certainly is possible.

Welcome Packages

Fourth in our list are welcome packages, now these are certainly becoming incredibly popular over recent years with more and more casinos offering them in order to appeal to as many new players as popular. The likes of Casumo & Leo Vegas offer these bonuses, with Leo Vegas giving new customers £1,500 + 250 free spins. As you can see this is incredibly high and much higher than average, but when you actually boil down to what the bonus consists of you’ll find that they have spread the bonus over 4 deposits as well as the free spins.

Free Play Mode

The fifth type of bonus that we’ve come across is called “free play”, now this is incredibly rare so much so in fact we hardly see it these days. Free play mode is exactly that, you’ll be given the ability to play for free with a certain amount of funds set by the casino. Any winnings that occur during this round will be set at a specific limit.

Bonus Terms & Conditions

The downside to casino bonuses over betting offers is that there tends to be a lot more terms and conditions that you will have to stick to, this is partly due to the amount of money thats on offer in comparison to sports betting. For example while Ladbrokes offer £50 for new customers who sign up to their sports betting site if you were to claim their casino welcome bonus then you would instead be able to get £500. This is 10 x the sports bonus so as you can see they certainly need more rules in place. In this section we will be taking a look at the more common terms that you will see when browsing the net.

Wagering/Turnover Requirement: Every bonus that you come across on the net will have this set, regardless of the size you will always have to fulfil the wagering requirement before you can even think about withdrawing your winnings. Now depending on how lenient the casino is will reflect in the wagering requirement, some bonuses only require a 10 x turnover before cashing out where as there are some where you will need to turn over your bonus + deposit 20 or 30 x before cashing out. We’ve found that it seems to be with the larger bonuses that you will require you to turn it over more before cashing out your money.

Selected Games: With free spins becoming so popular casinos will sometimes try and funnel you into games that have been predetermined by them. This can be due to a variety of reasons but they tend to be the lower variance slots which do not have a jackpot or progressive jackpot attached to them. This is to prevent customers from coming in and winning huge with free spins and then cashing out the money. However not all casinos apply this condition to the bonus so its worth checking out the casinos T&C’s.

Games to Turnover:  This is how much a game contributes towards the wagering requirement, unfortunately not all games are equal and this is the standard procedure that you will find at most online casinos:

  • Slots – playing slots will contribute to your wagering requirements up to 100%
  • Video Poker – playing the video poker games on site will contribute towards your turnover requirements by 25%
  • Roulette – If you want to play roulette this will only contribute towards your bonus by 25%
  • Card & Table Games – Card and table games will make a 10% contribution towards the wagering requirements.
  • Blackjack – playing blackjack games will make a 10% contribution to your wagering requirement.

Max Winnings: Yeah you read that correctly, casinos can actually limit the amount you can win from one of their bonuses. Now this isnt a very common term and really only appears on no deposit bonuses. This essentially means that if you win over the amount set then you can only withdraw the max when you’re ready to cash out. So for example if you win £1,000 of a no deposit bonus and the maximum winnings in the T&Cs is £100, when you go to withdraw your £1,000 the casino will actually only let you withdraw the £100 and the other £900 will be forfeited. Once again this is to prevent people getting incredibly lucky with a no deposit bonus.