Betting is one of the UK’s most popular past times thanks to sports like Football, Horse Racing, Tennis and many more players have been able to turn pennies into thousands of pounds with some truly outlandish accumulators. When combined with the creation of the internet everyone wants to be a bookmakers nowadays and it can be quite difficult navigating between the good and the bad betting sites, thats why we’re here to help. As you can see from the table above we have listed our top 5 best betting sites for 2016 with each site reviewed in depth.

Online Betting Site VS High Street Bookmaker

Some of you may be wondering why would you sign up to a bookmaker online when its just as easy to walk into a bookmaker on the high street. Well first thing is you’ll always get much better odds if you bet online, unlike a shop the odds are consistently fluctuating meaning they are changing all the time which allows you more chance to win bigger thanks to the bigger odds being shown, the next benefit is you can bet from anywhere no matter what all you need is an internet connection and a device capable of access said connection.

Another great benefit to using UK betting sites instead of a bookmakers is for every new customer who sign up you will be able to claim yourself a welcome bonus, this is the way that online bookies attract new customers to bet with their business you’ll be able to find a great selection of free bets & betting offers on our site ranging from £10 all the way up to £200.

Selecting The Right Betting Website

One of the easiest way to select the right betting site for you is to think what sport you’re interested in betting in. Generally what you will find is a bookie will either be a general all rounder such as Bet365 which focuses on the vast majority of sports from Soccer to Hand Ball every sporting market that you could ever dream of has been covered. Where as fans of Horse Racing may be more inclined to bet with Sky Bet or a bookmakers that offers a greater selection of racing markets in the UK & Ireland. So dependent on what your specific needs are will reflect which bookmaker you choose to bet with.

Mobile Betting Sites

Thanks to mobiles now being a small computer in the palm of your hand people can bet directly from their mobile phone via either the mobile optimised version of the bookmakers or the actual dedicated mobile application itself. The great thing about this is you can bet no matter when or where you are in the world meaning you can now take more control over how you plan your bets, if you see the odds go up and you’re out and about well no longer will you miss out on a winning bet. For those of you who like to bet directly from the mobile phone may we advise that you check out our mobile betting page where we will be looking at the most popular betting applications on the market.

What Makes A Good Betting Site

For those of you wondering what are the features of a good gambling site, if you carry on reading you will find out what we take into consideration when we rate any of the websites that you see on this page.

User Friendly Interface

The first thing that anyone notices when they head over to a new gambling site is the layout of the site, this can be make or break as first impressions matter in the eyes of a customer. Sites which look hard to navigate, clunky and damn right ugly are bound to put even the most experienced gamblers off signing up. We’re no longer in the 90’s when you could get away with creating a betting website that looks basic, todays sites need to stylish and appealing to the eye with all the links and stand out features easily accessible from the homepage. This is particularly important for new customers who have no betting experience as they may not recognise some of the lesser known features on a good site.

Live In-Play Markets

Live betting is another recent introduction into the online gambling world, moving past the whole pre match bet prehistoric times that everyone had to abide by where the only bet you could place had to be before kick off or before the race had actually begun you can now take your betting game to the next level, so even if you back a team to win before the match kicks off if things don’t look like its going your way you can place another bet in-play backing the other team so if your original bet loses but your in-play bet wins you wont be down as much as if you had just placed a pre match bet. The live markets are constantly fluctuating up and down providing customers the chance to jump on the markets at the perfect time and make a tidy profit, you just need to do a bit of reading around about in-play betting strategies and put a few tactics to good use.

Betting Applications

We briefly covered mobile sites above and while the majority of bookmakers have a mobile optimised version of the site only a select few have their very own dedicated mobile application. This makes the difference between a good betting site and one of the best, betting on an application should be easy and convenient. Bet365 do a great job of this by even allowing customers who have an iPhone log in just using their finger print. This is the kind of revolutionary technology that stands out and is one of the reason why they are one of our favourite sites to bet at.

Exciting Customer Promotions

Everyones who’s gambled before in their life has been in that situation, the bookmaker that they’ve signed up for don’t have very many promotions going on. Lets face it promotions are one of the most exciting factors about any website that you bet on and at the end of the day who doesn’t like a bit of free cash or having their winnings topped up every once in a while. Each of the sites that we’ve reviewed have a fantastic range of promotions to choose from like Betfred’s double delight & hatrick heaven, Sky Bet’s free bet club and what every horse racing fan loves best odds guaranteed. On each of our reviews we will go into detail about the promotions each bookie has meaning you wont have to sign up without a good idea of what bonuses you can expect to find.

Great Customer Support

There is definitely nothing worse than getting stuck while gambling online and being unable to progress because of an issue, thats why its of the upmost importance that a bookmaker has a great customer support in place. What you’ll find with a lot of the big sites like Betfred, Bet365, Sky, Ladbrokes etc is they’ve all got a dedicated team of support staff who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This however can’t be said for some of the smaller bookies who have set times of when they’re open. Fortunately every UK Betting site you see here will have the best support around, we haven’t listed any rogue bookies and any new ones that do get added to our list have only done so because of they’ve met the high standards set by the industry leaders.

Well Structured VIP Program

Another factor which is a contributes massively for a site to be listed in our Best Betting Websites table is whether or not a VIP program is in place, and is it actually any good? A VIP program allows customers to move up the ranks claiming bonuses as they go, its even known that bookies will provide their customers with their own personal support staff and even take you on days out to big racing events like Cheltenham and the Grand National.

Wide Selection Of Payment Methods

There are now plenty of different methods to fund ones gambling account, from the mainstream methods such as using your bank account to the less popular methods like pre-paid card methods. Below we will be giving a brief overview of the typical methods you will find when registering at new bookies.

Credit & Debit Cards: This is without a doubt the most popular methods for funding anyones account with all mainstream providers such as MasterCard and Visa providing their services but thats not all the majority of bookies will also accept the lesser known cards such as Delta, Laser and Solo. In order to fund your accounts using a bank card all you will need to do is type in the details in the finance section.

E-wallets: These are without a doubt the fastest method when it comes to depositing and withdrawing from your customer accounts most bookies will settle this within 24 hours, you may even come across some on our site that will pay out almost instantaneously. However keep in mind that you will have to wait for the withdrawal time for it to be processed from your e-wallet to your bank account. Without a doubt PayPal is the internets go to e-wallet however you will come across a few other popular ones such as Neteller & Skrill.

Pre-paid debit & credit cards: With banks keeping track of all the payments you process which can in turn affect your credit score its only normal for some customers not to want to use their own banking details with a bookies, if this sounds like you then you may want to look into using a prepaid debit or credit card, these will allow you to load up your own money or purchase a card with money already stored on it allowing you to fund any account of your choice. Depending on which type of card you purchase will determine whether or not you can withdraw your winnings back onto the card if that is the case then you wont have to change anything, however if you purchase a once use card you will have to make other arrangements should you want to withdraw any of your winnings.

Everything we’ve listed above is just a few of the factors we take into consideration when ranking our best betting sites in order of which one we feel is the best we do also take a look at which are the best online casino sites should you want to play some online slots instead.

About This Site

This site was created with the sole purpose of helping you the customer find the best places on the internet to gamble, providing trustworthy and reliable reviews with up to date content, bonuses and promotions which are created to help you make an informed decision on where you should have an account. All of the sites that you see here are licensed and regulated by the UK gambling commission meaning that they all comply to the terms and conditions set out by the UK governing body. This adds an extra layer of security and trustworthiness to the site and also means that unlike some big corporations they also pay their taxes directly in the UK.

Online Betting FAQ

Below we will be covering a few of the more common questions for anyone who is new to betting online, putting your mind at rest when signing up to a new betting site.

Is betting online legal?

Now this completely depends on where you are in the world as each country has different rules and regulations around whether or not gambling is legal for example in the United States customers are only allowed to gamble in certain states where the law has been passed, however in the United Kingdom anyone who is aged 18+ can bet online at one of the betting sites you see here.

What restrictions are there?

Well we’ve already mentioned that the place you’re currently situated in plays a role in whether or not you can gamble but you also need to take into consideration your age as we’re UK focussed you will only need to be 18+.

Where do I start?

Getting started is without a doubt one of the easiest things to do when betting online, the only problem is choosing a site that you like the look of. Fortunately for you we’ve reviewed some of the UK’s best betting sites for you to take a look at, if you prefer casinos over sports betting then you should check out our best casino sites list and go from there.

Which website should I sign up to?

We can’t answer this for you as its all down to personal preference, however one site that tends to be the best for beginners (well the most beginner friendly) is Bet365. However if you’ve already signed up to that then take a look at some of the ones on our homepage and go from there.

What types of gambling sites are there

There are four main types of gambling sites and these are Sports Betting, Casino, Poker and Bingo Rooms. We will be covering the first two on this site with the scope of adding bingo and poker if requested. Now some of the sites we have listed here such as Betfred and Ladbrokes cover all of these products where as there are sites such as who only cover casino gambling.

Getting Paid Out

This is definitely the best bit about gambling, cashing out your winnings there is always plenty to be won with betting online and there are people who actually do this for a day job so its vital that payout times are as fast as possible. All of your finances will be accessible from the my account section on site and each will vary in time. We’ve covered in the reviews section how long some methods take with some sites paying out at a faster rate than others.

Will I get taxed on my winnings?

Depending on which country you’re currently in will affect whether or not you need to pay tax on, customers in the United States will have to pay taxes on any gambling winning that they receive, however as the focus is on the United Kingdom here any money won at a betting site or an online casino will not incur any taxes meaning you get to keep all of the money that you win.

How safe is online gambling?

Despite what everyone says and the stigma that comes with gambling, Placing a bet online is one of the safest things you can do, all of the sites we have listed here have some of the best security systems in place similar to what you would expect at online banking so you needn’t worry about any hackers or data thieves getting any of your personal information.

How many betting websites can I sign up to?

Fortunately there is no such limit that exists, so you can sign up to as many sports betting websites as you want to. Here we advise against signing up to every site under the sun as its better to find a few trustworthy bookmakers to use and compare the odds across them as having a few different accounts will allow you to get better prices.

What are betting offers?

Betting offers are just another name for a sign up bonus, each of these vary in size and type and are normally offered to new customers only. There are existing customer promotions in place though to keep you intrigued once you’ve signed up though.

What do I do if i’ve forgotten my account information?

If this happens to you dont worry too much about it, we all go through this at some point when betting online. To get access to your account there will be a lost password/username feature near the point of log in on site. If you’re struggling to find it then you should head over to the support section and get in contact with a member of their support team.

Where should you go if you get stuck?

Customer support is one of the most vital factors of running a successful gambling website nowadays and all of the sites you see on here will have a 24/7 customer support section. So if you get into trouble or if you have a complain that you need to register then you can head over to the sites dedicated support team and go from there.

However if in the rare chance your complaint is not resolved you can find out who licenses them and complain directly to the license provider who will then take it upon them to investigate your claim for you.