American Football Betting Sites

Europeans have struggled to accept the fact their favourite term – football – is being used in a sport so evidently different that the one they so deeply love and cherish. However, they were quick to learn how to appreciate all the charms of the American Football, which continues its growth in popularity all over the globe.

And as American Football and most predominantly the NFL continues to be perceived as one of the most extravagant sports on the planet due to extensive TV coverage and marketing value, the European bettors flock to take their piece of the cake.

The very popularity of the NFL is being built on the international Series over the last couple of years and with at least three NFL games being played in the UK, it is getting clearer that American Football is not only widening its fan base, but also the betting base.

Betting Sites Offering American Football

A number of betting sites – or better to say – all of them will have American Football listed in their offering. The main differences among the betting sites out there is the reputation they enjoy, which is usually built on the customer feedback.

You need a betting venue where you will be safe and treated with extensive coverage, while at the same time given the best possible value for your money. Some such sites are:

All of those sites will have plenty of special features you can enjoy, starting from greatly enticing Welcome Bonuses and promotions, to In-Play betting facilities and Live Streaming for their customers.

About American Football

The easiest way to describe the core of the sport itself is to have it described as a combination of what Americans call soccer and rugby football. American football has gone through an intense and rapid evolution over the course of decades, although its roots go back as early as 1896.

What we have today is the most popular sport in the United States with the National Football League (NFL) which has the highest average attendance of any sport in the world with the championship match – the Super Bowl – ranking among the most-watched sporting events in the world and in the history of sport overall.

The sport itself is played between two teams of 11 players which get engaged in a fiercely competitive physical battle to get the ball from one side of the field to the other and into the end zone to score.

Equipped with pads and helmet, American footballers are the modern-age warriors, adored universally.

American Football Competitions

From a bettor’s perspective, there are two American Football competitions that get the most attention from the biggest betting sites and it is only fair to go through those competitions to have them all presented and explained for those tipsters and punters who are just entering the beautiful world of betting of American Football.

The aforementioned National Football League (NFL) was founded in 1920 and has gone on to become the largest and most popular in the United States. It was quick to achieve its global glory with viewership from around the globe tuning in to place their bets on the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (NFC) teams fighting for a place in the Super Bowl and the prestigious Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Another competition which enjoys great popularity in general and with major betting sites is college football and the national Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which is the third most popular sport in the United Stated behind NFL and baseball. It is divided into three

Divisions, further on divided into two subdivisions and it is the farming ground of future champions of the sport.

American Football Markets

The majority of the leading betting sites such as Bet365 will set their focus on the NFL and NCAA betting with the two competitions spread into further markets which can offer plenty of excitement for tipsters and punters.

If you are only starting with betting on American Football, there is no reason to feel anxious as money line betting is the thing for you. A simple betting market in which you will be predicting a winner of the game – similar to a 1×2 bet on football – usually comes in two-way win market on the outcome of the game with the Draw option eliminated from the offer. This is the most straightforward betting option which will help you gain valuable betting knowledge to move on to other more complex betting options.

Outright Win is another simple betting market for American Football used for predicting the winner of a certain tournament – in this particular case the winner of the NFL or NCAA. Top bookies such as William Hill or Bet365 will go with another outright option which will see you predict a winner of any of the two Conferences.

Additionally, another highly exciting betting option is the Play-off Prediction, which sees bettors wagering on which NFL team will make it to the play-offs. It is another greatly popular betting option.

The most popular betting market on American Football is the Handicap betting. Just like in any other sport, the NFL is packed with teams of different quality which makes betting sites place a handicap on the less favoured team in order to put the two sides on the same starting ground. This betting option is also known as a Spread, popular both in NFL and College betting. You can hope to get either a 3.5-point handicap or 7.5 points being slapped on a team, and the team you back in this case will have to win by a margin larger than the handicap value for you to win money.

Totals betting or Over/Under bet as it is usually called in football betting, focuses on how many points will be scored in a match. Bookmakers will set a number to bet on whether the two teams can score more or less, which is up to you to decide.