Boxing Betting Sites for 2017

Blood on the gloves will make it hard for some to understand why boxing is called one of the purest forms of sports, but the sense of pride, confidence and even nobility to some extent can be found in a hand to hand combat.

Boxing as a sport has long been connected with betting, with links between the two dating all the way back to the beginnings of sport.

Luckily for all of those who like to add interest to a boxing match by placing some money on it, the emergence of the online world and the incredible expansion of online betting sites have presented the tipsters and punters with a wide range of betting options.

About Boxing

Little would anyone suspect that the history of Boxing dates all the way back to the 3rd millennium BCE. Ancient Greece had had boxing developed into a proper sport, whereas the more recent history of the classical sport is related to fist-fighting maintained throughout 12th and 17th century.

Ever since the bare-knuckle days and up to the modern-day sport as an Olympic event as we know it today and the latest trends such as MMA and UFC, Boxing has always been closely linked with betting and it can get extremely hard to separate the two as they have grown as a cultural phenomenon.

Boxing Competitions

Boxing as an original concept of the sport has become somewhat a betting niche due to the literal disappearance of top-flight contests from television ever since late 90s, which forced most of the top bookmakers to push their offering to a limited number of high-profile events which usually involve world title matches.

However, with MMA and UFC gaining major interest in recent years, the offers have increased with punters getting plenty of tournaments to choose from. From the UVC PPV events, across the Fight Nights, Champions Finale and Redemptions Finale fights, there is a vast selection of individual highlight battles that raise the betting profile of the sport.

MMA also has plenty of notable events to boast, such as Future Legends, Road Fighting Championships, New Blood events, Cage Warrior Fighting Championship etc.

Plenty of those events are subject to offers at the world’s top bookmakers with competitive odds and great markets available.

Boxing Markets

Boxing punters have a number of different markets to choose from although the offerings can be quite limiting with individual betting sites.

A little research is required and very much welcome prior to making a boxing bet as it will not only allow you to get the much-needed knowledge about boxing betting, but help you choose the best betting site with the most extensive markets and competitive odds.

Outright winner option – in which you predict the winner of the bout with both fighters market with either a positive sign or a negative one in front of them – is the most common betting market with most betting sites, but some top betting operators like to treat their customers with a couple of fantastic choices.

Round betting is used for predicting which round the fight will be won in and this truly is an unpredictable option, but a highly popular betting section. Options for this market include a knockout for each fighter in all of 12 rounds, as well as a draw or ultimately decision on points.

Another betting market connected to round betting in the Over/Under Round Betting. Football punters will be quite familiar with this section as it offers a margin in relation to how many rounds will the match last. Under 9 Rounds or 9th Round or Over is the common choice, although some bookies tend to provide more round combinations.

Go the Distance is another popular boxing market which is used to determine whether the fighters will go a full bout without being knocked out. Additionally, Tournament Win Markets is a high-margin betting option due to the great number of possible combinations and it is considered one of the more popular betting options as well.

Betting Sites Offering Boxing

  • Betfair
  • Bet365
  • William Hill
  • Sky Bet
  • Paddy Power

Shortlisted in a group of five, the aforementioned betting sites are the top-shelf names for boxing betting. What separates them from the crowd are the extensive markets, incredibly generous offers and various perks for their customers.

If you decide to bet with Paddy Power, you will be in line for £30 worth of free bets for your initial £10 wager. As for boxing offers, you will be glad to hear that Paddy Power has year-long offers on confirmed matches and events which present you with a great opportunity to grab some of the early odds which in a good number of cases can be significantly higher than edited odds published right before the fights.

William Hill is another exciting name to place your boxing bet with as it provides a full list of available matches globally and boasts an incredible In-Play betting format. William Hill are renowned for their Cash In bets which is active during live betting an as long as betting is active on a selected market. Cashing In is a fine option to save your losing bet and to save your pride by restoring some of the money you invested.

BetFair is the betting site which offers excellent guidance through the boxing betting world and impressive customer support, which can offer valuable advice to turn you into a professional boxing bettor. Black and Lay betting is something that separates Betfair from the competition and we have no doubt you will enjoy playing with one of the most reliable names in the industry.

Anything we try to tell you about Bet365 and Sky Bet could be considered redundant as they are truly two leaders in the betting industry. The most extensive market offers, incredibly high-value odds, live coverage of all major boxing events and impressive In-Play functions with some of the greatest odds around are bound to draw you close to both Sky Bet and Bet 365.