Cycling Betting Sites

Controversy has done little to harm the reputation of cycling which remains a highly popular sport to bet on and watch.

It has to do with the fact cyclists are displaying unnatural abilities to roll those bikes of theirs in heaviest of conditions and go with the speed of the wind through the breath-taking landscapes that cycling keeps on captivating such a wide audience.

Anyhow, cycling is a sport that has been around for many years, and with the emerging television popularity of the sport, it is predicted to continue its growth and reputation among bettors as well.

Best Betting Sites Offering Cycling

Before you go out to place a bet on cycling, make sure to do your research and find the best available bookmaker offering the best events, markets and odds on the sport. You are advised to shop around and not click on the first betting site that pops out since many of those will not be as reliable, safe, secure and competitive as those we have on our list:

United Kingdom-based operator Paddy Power is definitely the best site around you will find for betting on cycling. One of the best for any sport, for that matter, but their cycling offer is significantly different to the ones you will find elsewhere.

Highly- detailed markets are what paddy Power boasts in their cycling betting category.

Months before each event even you will have all of the markets spread out with favourable odds and incredibly detailed offers. In addition to outright betting or stage betting as some of the most common markets you can find everywhere, Paddy Power offers Riders Specials which include offers such as – Eddie Dunbar to win a Tour de France stage up to 2025 or at any stage of his career.

Other betting operators are trailing in Paddy Power’s wake in this regard, but should not be overlooked and neglected, if nothing else then at least because of the incredibly rich welcome bonus of 100% you will find with the likes of Bet365.

Those names listed above are definitely betting sites that go the full distance in cycling betting with options ranging from favourites to 750/1 betting shots even.

About Cycling

First introduced in the 19th century as means of transport, bicycles were quick to catch on and become a cultural phenomenon and a way of life if you wish.

There is a thin line which separates recreation and exercise from the professional sport in cycling, which is an extremely competitive and demanding physical activity. The events that people bet on is divided into several categories which include road bicycle racing, time trialling, mountain bike racing, cycle speedway and others.

Governed by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), bicycle racing is an Olympic sport, which is especially popular in Europe with Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and Italy considered to be some of the most devoted to cycling as a sport.

When it comes to betting on cycling, the lines and boundaries are bit blurrier as this beautiful sport enjoys vast popularity all over the continent.

Cycling Competitions

Out of all cycling categories, Road Bicycle Racing is definitely the most popular variant which enjoys a huge global reputation that goes well beyond the borders of Europe.

American former professional road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong had arguably been the most recognised figure in the sport – at first for his outstanding achievements and seven consecutive Tour de France titles – and afterwards for the controversies which saw him banned for life as it was confirmed he was a long-term doping offender.

Now that we have mentioned it, the most prominent cycling competition, which at the same time attracts plenty of attention from the crowd, bookies and punters alike is the Tour de France.

The Tour de France is the mainstage event of cycling’s Grand Tours, which involves professional multi-stage cycling events such as Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a Espana, Tour de Suisse and Tour of California.

Several single-day classics are a fine alternative to these multi-day events, most prominently Tour of Flanders or Milan-San Remo.

The races usually take place from spring throughout the summer and to autumns with the events such as Tour de France lasting up to three weeks, which gives bettors and tipsters plenty of time and option to bet and win at the tracks.

Cycling Markets

With the wide array of sports events throughout the categories, the world’s top bookmakers will offer a huge range of cycling betting markets and along with them incredibly valuable and competitive odds to attract cycling-loving customers.

One of the most common and widely accepted markets is the Outright Winner. Basically, you wager on the winner of a particular cycling event, backing him with a bet to emerge victorious in the end of the competition. This popular bet can be found across all disciplines and odds on this market are usually available before the event takes place and there is a good chance that they will be higher – let’s say – two months prior to the even than a week ahead of the start of the race.

Stage Winner is another popular betting option used by more experienced punters who do their research and follow up on which rider does best in given weather and track conditions. The Tour de France stage winners are awarded yellow jerseys for each stage won and this particular market has gone on to grow in popularity significantly over the past few years.

Another extremely popular and utterly unpredictable cycling betting option is the Number of Yellow Jerseys. Similarly, you can bet on who will win a Green Jersey, or ultimately on the Number of Finishers.