Darts Betting Sites for 2017

Arguably one of the fastest growing markets in the betting industry, darts betting has followed the increase in the sport’s popularity which seems to have reached new heights over the last decade.

Comprehensive TV coverage and increasingly competitive nature of professional darts are slowly pushing the sport to the top echelon with football and tennis when it comes to overall popularity.

The emergence of the sport itself has forced betting operators to put darts betting into a different focus and perspective, which is why punters today can enjoy a comprehensive betting market, high-value odds and special offers that give an extra edge to the sport.

About Darts

Originally a traditional pub game played across Britain, Ireland, Germany and basically everywhere on the planet, darts today is much more than your favourite pastime with friends.

A competitive sport, governed by the World Darts Federation (WDF) enjoys wide popularity and consists of some 1,200 players, split between two major governing bodies – the aforementioned WDF – and Professional Darts Players Association (PDPA).

United Kingdom is considered the major darts hotbeds with the sport in the country split into two separate professional organisations since 1993 – the British Darts Organisation (BDO) and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC).

Competitive darts is a lot more than just throwing darts at a dartboard, as it is played at a fixed number of legs. Darts matches are divided into sets with players required to reduce an initial scored of 501 down to zero by scoring as many points as he or she can.

Darts Competitions

The BDO and PDC are the world’s most recognised organisations, enjoying a bigger reputation than the World Darts Federation even. Both governing bodies take part in the organisation of a World Professional Championship, a competition of the highest status in world darts.

The competition is held annually over the festive period, but the PDC section of the event finishes slightly earlier than the BDO tournament, which is considered to be the elite of darts. Needless to say, betting sites offer plenty of betting options for the World Championship and punters enjoy betting on the main event of the year.

Another high-profile darts competition is the Premier League of Darts. Formatted as a league competition, it consists of the top four players in the world who are joined by four wildcard entries. Matches in the Premier League are played over 14 legs, but as soon as a player has reached eight legs, the match ends.

We have the Premier League – just like in football – and we also have a competition which can be compared to the FA Cup. UK Open Darts is the event in which amateur players are

given a chance to try their luck, knowledge and skill against professional players in a completely random draw.

Even though the two Britain’s governing bodies hold separate competitions over a competitive year, there is an even the BDO and PDC shared tournament called the Grand Slam of Darts.

Darts Markets

Tipsters and punters who are thinking about betting on darts will be glad to hear that all major bookmakers will offer plenty of different betting markets with competitive and high-value odds.

The most common of them all, and the simplest one as well, the winner market or the 1×2 offer which has you determining who will emerge victoriously. As simple as that.

In addition, those who want to step it up a bit and have better and more extensive offers in front of them could bet on the Darts Leg Handicap. Similarly conceived as Winner market with one important difference. This option will see a favourite being pitted against a handicap of sets awarded to the underdog in a particular matchup to level the playing field.

Total Legs Betting is another popular betting option with darts, which has punters betting on whether the total number of legs played by both players will be over or under the predetermined value set by a bookmaker.

The Outright Market is a betting option which asks you to predict a winner of a major darts tournament. The Outright markets are usually available after the draws have been made. Alternatives to the Tournament Outright markets are the Regular Season Outrights, To Qualify for Semi Finals, To Not Qualify for Semi-Finals, to Finish in the Bottom 2 and To Finish Bottom, which are more great options for the darts bettor.

Betting Sites Offering Darts

There is a growing list of darts betting sites which are accepting customers from the United Kingdom. However, some of the most comprehensive markets and highest-value odds can be found with several major names in the industry which are listed below:

  • Paddy Power
  • Sky Sports
  • William Hill
  • BetVictor
  • Bet365

Many of the aforementioned bookies act as the sponsors of some of the major tournaments in darts and it is only fitting for those operators to cover the increasingly popular sports with markets that will separate them from the crowd.

Paddy Power, for example, will offer plenty of player specials in addition to a different selection of Outrights, such as the Regular Season Outright alongside the aforementioned variants of this popular market.

William Hill and Bet365 as leading United Kingdom bookmakers offer arguably the best online darts betting. What punters can expect to get are fantastic welcome bonuses, some of the best in the industry actually, as well as loads of extras. Live results, live streaming and In-Play betting truly lift your darts betting experience to a whole new level, so you should definitely have these names in your mind when choosing the perfect place for you to place a bet on darts.