Golf Betting Sites for 2017

When we talk about golf it would be fair to say it has long become more than just a sport. It is an acquired taste which quickly outgrows the sports frame and becomes a way of life.

This is why those who love it also adore it and those who don’t love it tend to openly hate it.

One thing is for sure, golf leaves no one indifferent as it might fool you into thinking that an apparent lack of physical activity and contact of the sport itself will make it less competitive. You will be wrong to assume that as golf is a sport of many charms and no wonder tipsters flock to put money on the line and wager in a bet or two to spice it up.

The Best Betting Sites Offering Golf

The list of betting sites offering golf betting is extensive and extremely long, but some of the names that are considered top in the business will offer the best value for your money:


The aforementioned sites are as reliable and dependable as it gets, whereas you can also hope to find all the best odds and best markets with them as well. In addition to competitive

odds and extensive coverage of events, there is a hugely impressive selection of markets to be found with these five betting sites that will provide you with even more betting options than you can handle.

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About Golf

We believe that the very mechanics of golf need no detailed description as in short it is a sport in which players use different types of clubs to hit balls and drive them into a series of holes in as few strokes as possible.

It is played on a course with either nine or 18 holes, whereas the playing area as a standard does not exist which is just a tiny detail that adds to golf’s charm as it can be played in all types of scenography and terrain.

Many would be surprised to hear that the origins of golf date all the way back to 15th century, from when the deeper roots of the game itself go as far as to the Roman empire. What is more, a version of golf was found in ancient China as well and was enjoyed by the famous Ming dynasty, but the modern origins of the game we know today are found in Scotland.

What first started as a pastime was relatively quick to become a professional sport played and enjoyed by millions around the globe.

Professional golfers usually are teachers in golf clubs and compete in local tournaments, unlike the handful of ‘tournament pros’ who compete full-time on international ‘tours’ and make their living off hitting the ball with a club.

Golf Competitions

All of world’s golf is housed under the umbrella of the International Golf Federation (IGF), the world’s governing body. The two main golf organisations, in addition to the IGF, are the European Golf Association (EGA) and the United States Golf Association (PGA) – which organises most of the events under the banner of annual series of tournaments known as the PGA Tour.

Within the extensively busy schedule of all types of golf tournaments played each year, there are several top-shelf tournaments that gather most attention from the viewership and from the bettors, respectively.

The Masters Tournament is one of the most important championships in the professional golf circuit played at the Augusta national Golf Club in Georgia. Often simply referred to as the Masters, it is the first major tournament played each year. The Masters attracts the top

golf players from around the globe and definitely is one of the most bet-on dates on the schedule.

Us Open Golf Championship or US Open is the mid-June event which is another one of the four major golf events. Since the very first US Open, this tournament has always drawn only the top talent in the sport.

British Open Championship or the British Open takes place in Scotland or England and it is the oldest one of the four majors. Enjoyed by fans and bettors alike, the British Open is one of the tastiest betting events on the tour with UK bookies competing to offer best possible prices and bets to make it even more appealing.

Last of the four Majors is the PGA Championship, played every year in August with the venue rotating each year. Top players and worldwide audiences are characteristic for this event which drawn plenty of betting possibilities.

There is an event outside the top four tournaments which also draws plenty of attention. It is called the Ryder Cup, which is basically a series of heads-up match play competitions which is at the same time considered one of the most prestigious tournaments which offer no prize money but solely glory, pride and reputation. However, it yields money for bettors who get smart enough to invest wisely.

Golf Markets

As with most of the sports, markets for golf start from the simplest ones such as Golf Futures and Outrights which is the most common betting option that sees you predict a winner of a tournament that is yet to begin. Golf Match betting is another popular option, which will take any two golfers in a tournament and place them head-to-head for bettors to predict who will win the match.

A speciality golfer’s betting market is the Three Ball Betting where bookmakers list three golfers for punters to predict which one will end up having the lowest score at a tournament.

Golf is a great sport for Specials and Prop Bets which include all sorts of betting options including odds on the nationality of a tournament winner, to who will earn top prize money at the end of the tour or the amount of Majors a certain player will amass.