Greyhound Racing Betting Sites

There is a certain appeal in watching lightning fast beasts running around a track after that artificial hare.

The bigger thrill is watching the races with a betting slip tightened firmly in your hand or – in the case of online betting – a computer mouse, phone or your tablet. With the television industry growing beyond the conventional spectres over the past few decades, greyhound racing will have comprehensive coverage to thank for the emergence in popularity.

If you are a novice to greyhound racing and are just about to share your love of K9s in the form of betting, there are some things you need to know before you place your money on a race. Naturally, doing your research is the first and by far the most important thing to do, as well as finding a reputable bookmaker you can trust.

Best Sites Offering Greyhound Racing

With the emerging popularity of the sport in the United Kingdom, there is an emerging number of betting sites which offer Greyhound Racing betting. As a sport placed within the same bracket as football, horse racing or tennis, greyhound racing takes an important place on the centre of the stage with many top bookmakers.


Picking any of the aforementioned betting venues will provide you with a top greyhound betting service, packed with comprehensive and detailed offerings, high-value odds and excellent In-Play facilities.

This goes especially for Bet365, one of world’s leading bookies, who will not only offer odds on all of the markets available, but it will present you with the most detailed Ante Post offering.

What is more, all of the greyhound races at Bet365 are available with a live stream, so make sure you open an account with them to enjoy the races even more. Bet365 offer the biggest welcome bonus in the industry and that is just another major reason why you should choose them in front of other respected names in the betting industry.

About Greyhound Racing

With its origins deeply rooted in coursing, modern-day greyhound racing as a sport has come a long way from a failed experiment in 1876. It wasn’t until 1926 that the oval track and mechanical hare were introduced in Britain, which was seven years after Owen Patrick Smith opened the first professional dog-racing track with stands in California.

Usually associated with the male working-class audience, greyhound racing has gone to become a cultural phenomenon and a sport with vast popularity across the classes of modern-day society.

British greyhound racing went through a decline in popularity in the early 1960s, but the legalisation of gambling and the emergence of a regulatory structure in modern racing have seen its popularity rise again.

Greyhound Competitions

If we are to limit our selection to the UK market, we would be talking about a wide range of greyhound racing competitions which amass great viewership and an incredibly rich prize money pool which attracts all of the best racers from all over the country.

Greyhound racing competitions start with Minor Open Race tracks which are the most common and wide races in England. An Invitation Race is another event, usually staged by the promoter in support on the night of other opens. Category Three/Two and One Races differ in prize money, which goes up to £12,500, all of which must be completed within a 15-day period.

The Greyhound Derby – separately raced as the Scottish Greyhound Derby, the English Greyhound Derby, the Irish greyhound Derby – used to be organised in a format known as the Welsh greyhound Derby as well, the closure of the track in Cardiff resulted in the introduction of the Northern Irish Derby in 2010.

The Derby events are the most highly-anticipated competitions in the Greyhound Racing calendar, which naturally draws the biggest attention from the bookies as well, who prepare special offers and markets of hounds during these £50,000 events.

Greyhound Markets

Betting Greyhound Racing is widely popular and bookmakers go to extreme lengths to make the sport even more attractive than it already is with incredible offers and markets.

One of the simplest ways to bet on greyhound racing – and the most convenient one for novice bettors – is to go for a winning dog. It is quite simple as you get to choose one of the six runners and place a bet on it to win the race. Happy days for you if your dog gets to be the first one to cross the finish line.

For those of you who are not quite certain that your dog will be able to win, there is a dog To Finish in Top Two – also called a place bet – which usually generates slightly lower odds, but they are quite enough to guarantee a profitable night regardless.

For those who are looking to spice things up and take the greyhound betting to a whole new level, there is a Forecast bet, which will see you predict the winner and the runner-up. Selecting Dog A and Dog B will have you covered for this bet, although there is a way to make sure you back your choice with Reverse Forecast – which basically covers the two selected dogs in any order in the top two.

A Trio is also another exciting betting market. Similar to Forecast, Trio is a selection of top three dogs all of which can be bet on to finish in any order you like. All-ways trio is a nice way to have your win guaranteed, but there would be no excitement in greyhound betting if winning was so easy and predictable.