Snooker Betting Sites for 2017

One might mistakenly think that sports such as snooker, which involves no physical contact between players and teams in their fight for points, might not be as interesting or as exciting as football for example, but they would be surprised to see that snooker is one of the most betted on sports.

Basically, snooker has become a global sport with a season spreading pretty all-year round which offers punters and tipsters a wide range of betting opportunities. Take a look at our favourite snooker betting sites for 2017:

About Snooker

A cue sport played on a green baize-covered table with pockets at each corner and in the middle is perhaps the simplest way to explain snooker. Players compete over putting 22 snooker balls in those holes to collect points and beat the opponent, but this beautiful sport is more than a mere strike of a cue.

There is a certain note of elegance and prestige in this sport first introduced in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Given the fact the predecessor of snooker – billiard – was a popular activity with British Army officers hence the aristocratic tone of the sport which still remains.

Widespread popularity was achieved through the expansion of mass media of course as more and more sports aficionados learned to love and appreciate the artistry of motion. And with every match being played over seven frames, the punters appreciate the possibility for upsets and the betting edge it provides.

Snooker Competitions

The most popular snooker competitions every punter should know of before deciding to place a bet on the sport include several tournaments and international competitions one of which is of a particular magnitude.

The World Snooker Championship is arguably the greatest snooker event of the year which gathers the best 16 players in the world and puts them in the same pot against 16 qualifiers in the world famous crucible. In addition, there is a yearly event called Masters Snooker which consists of the 16 top-ranked players and two wild cards. It is a high-quality tournament which usually draws high-value odds from the bookies which are significantly different than in early rounds of the tour.

Premier League Snooker is another extremely popular format which is played on a round robin system and lasts for three months. The players are ranked in the group stage before the top four players progress to the semi-finals to fight for honours.

Additionally, the UK Snooker Championship is another great tournament which also gets great odds from bookies – from the likes of Bet365, William Hill, BetFair, Paddy Power and other UK-based bookmakers.

Another extremely popular tournament was the Players Tour Championship which was established in 2010 and lasted until 2016. A series of snooker tournaments were played in

Europe and in Asia and concluded with a Grand Final which caught the attention within the betting community.

Snooker Markets

Online betting websites which offer punters a chance to wager on the beautiful sport of snooker have developed a comprehensive system comprising of a wide range of betting markets which usually offer great value and competitive odds for thrill seekers.

Similar to other sports, the most usual snooker betting market is the Winner markets (1×2). For those who are new to betting in general and not only betting on Snooker, what this option offers is betting on who will win the match. It is a market experienced punters tend to avoid as they often look for markets with a higher edge such as the Snooker Frame Handicap.

Handicap betting is used when one of the competitors is made firm favourite to win and used by bookmakers in a handicap of frames to level the playing field and even the odds between the two rivals. With the unpredictability of a sport such as snooker involved in this type of betting, handicap options are great for punters who are looking to test the somewhat unlikely outcomes of a match and take full advantage of what may be a misleading handicap.

Over/Under Total Legs Snooker betting is actually betting on whether the total number of frames in a match will exceed the determined value, whereas the Outright Market Snooker betting is another popular choice. It is also the most unpredictable snooker betting option as punters need to predict the winner of a given tournament before it has even started. This market usually yields the biggest odds but is the most difficult one to win.

Out of all pre-tournament betting options such as the last one above, the 147 to be scored at any time is one of the best. Backing a maximum to be scored at any time will often offer prices which are well above even money given the fact that the snooker standards which yield plenty of century breaks have improved dramatically over the last couple of years.

Betting Sites Offering Snooker

* BetFred

* Paddy Power

* William Hill

* Coral

* Ladbrokes

Some of the world’s top bookies tend to follow snooker in a way that exceeds just offering betting events on their betting sites.

The biggest names in the industry often sponsor snooker tournaments and get great exposure at these highly-anticipated events, which was the case with BetFred as the World Championship sponsors. However, punters should not assume that this will see bookies improve their offers in relation to the competition.