Tennis Betting Sites for 2017

With at least one match being played somewhere around the globe almost every minute, tennis has long become one of the favourite betting choices for online tipsters and punters.

The increasing betting popularity went hand-in-hand with the overall reputation of the sport which currently sits close to being on par with bettors’ favourite choice – football. Below are a selection of our favourite tennis betting sites for you to choose form:

Tennis is quite a straightforward sport which makes it a perfect choice for betting. It comes with a single variable – a player – and his or her ability to serve the ball strong and put enough pressure on their rival’s return to turn the game to his or her advantage.

The tennis market is split into two main categories and markets consequently. The ATP tour follows men in their tennis exploits at some of the world’s major tournaments like the Grand Slams, while the WTA tour is the ladies’ version of the same.

The aforementioned Grand Slams are the tour’s most coveted prizes, consisting of Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open and US Open which, quite expectedly, will go on to gather the most attention from the bettors.

What separates the Grand Slam tournaments from other categories such as Masters 1000 series and 500 series is the way they are played – as a best-of-five and best-of-three, respectively.

Matches throughout the season are played on different surfaces and prior to deciding on your bet, you will be required to do a little research as to which player thrives on which surface. Contrary to grass and hard surface, clay is considered to be the trickiest one, which is just one of reasons why clay matches are so attractive and appealing.

All of the aforementioned aspects will have an effect on betting odds for certain events, but the increasing competition from online bookmakers and the growing reputation of the sport itself have brought forward a wide range of tennis betting markets you can wager on.

Apart from the classic Outright Winner and To Win Match betting selections, the more enthusiastic tipsters will be given a chance to try their luck and knowledge on the Total Number of Sets, Individual Set Scores or whether a match will go into tie-break or not, among many others.

Naturally, the best betting sites in the business will also offer tantalising handicap markets which will give a player of your choosing a head start to begin with. Similar to betting on football, or on any other major sport, tennis betting will be available on single betting choices, multiples and accumulators, where you can look to add particular excitement to your betting slip by backing a potential upset in a tennis tournament.

One thing all tipsters who are looking to launch their tennis betting career should do before they go on to place a bet or two on an event and player of their liking is to choose a betting site that will provide them with a reliable betting environment, extensive coverage of tennis events and competitive odds. Here are some of the most popular sites for tennis betting:


The first-choice betting venue for most of the sports you can name and tennis alike, Bet365 has over the years become the synonym of safe and secure betting with great returns, fantastic incentives and brilliant promotional tools that make your betting experience a truly unique one.

Apart from major tournaments, Grands Slams and Master Series, Bet365 will scour the planet to offer you events you will have trouble finding anywhere else while at the same time spicing it up with the odds of the highest value.

In addition to extensive event coverage, Bet365 will offer in advance betting where you can place your bets long before the game – and tournament for that matter – begins as well as big specials for individual players.

William Hill

Another great betting name you can never go wrong with, William Hill is definitely your top choice for tennis betting. Some would argue that William Hill might not be as generous as other online bookies with their welcome bonus. However, the remarkable reputation of one of the oldest betting firms in the world has never been stronger.

When it comes to tennis betting, William Hill made sure to stay on top of the offers and in front of the competition with its extensive in-advance market coverage and high-value odds which are usually higher than those you will find elsewhere.

Enhancing their tennis offers, William Hill provides players with comprehensive In-Play betting options and a wide range of live betting options that will make your match experience more enjoyable.


BetVictor is making some huge waves in the betting industry and is closely getting to the top of the betting sector. Incredible welcome bonuses, enticing promotions and enhanced odds, alongside live coverage makes BetVictor one of the top betting choices.

What separates BetVictor from the tennis betting competition is the regularly updated tennis promotions which will force you to get back on site regularly to check if any of those will tempt you into placing a bet.

Their extensive tennis coverage is an impressive feature to make you choose BetVictor, whereas the available markets and special offers such as how many WTA events will be won by American players make BetVictor an exciting choice as well.


It would be unfair not to mention BetFair when it comes to tennis betting. Known as betting innovators and a betting company which was the first to introduce Cash Out options, BetFair is setting an example with tennis betting as well.

All new customers who decide to place a £10 bet will receive £30 in free bets, which simply is an offer that is not to be missed. As for the tennis betting itself, BetFair does not trail

behind their competition, on the contrary. Highly competitive odds, incredibly rich markets and all available events make BetFair one of your first choices for tennis betting.

BetFair are also one of the safest and most secure betting venues you will find out there and there should be no concern about the players’ safety. When you throw high-value odds into the mix, you get a perfect blend for the optimal tennis betting experience.