Volleyball Betting Sites

Often underestimated within the sport-loving community, volleyball is actually an extremely competitive sport packed with excitement.

Enjoyed by a global fan base, the sport offers plenty of chance for bettors to make money betting on volleyball once they learn to understand and appreciate the beauty of this wonderful sport.

Those of you who are only making their way into the betting world and want to become competitive tipsters in the volleyball niche, be aware that you will need to go through thorough research which will include not just learning about the sport itself, but also about the best betting sites that will give you the best value for the money you wish to invest betting on volleyball.

Best Betting Sites Offering Volleyball

With so many betting sites to choose from, bettors should take reputation, dependability and reliability when choosing a site to bet on. You will also need to look for the most comprehensively presented markets and highest-value odds which are all found in the following list of betting sites:


All of the sites mentioned above will offer great value for your money, excellent and diverse betting markets and great odds. Do not rush into selecting the first one you run into as betting sites will offer different sets of markets and different competitions, some of which can be less attractive than others. Start with Bet365, who are arguably the best and most comprehensive operators in the world and then you can go from there investigating the other sites on offer.

About Volleyball

Let’s start with the basics. What we have is a net separating the two halves of the court with two teams of six players each trying to score points by grounding a ball on the other side of the court through a strictly organised set of rules.

The complete set of rules is rather extensive and would require a separate long-read article to have it all explained. Simply put, a player of one team serves the ball from behind the line – like in tennis – and the other team has three touches to fire the ball back and ground it to the rivalling part of the court – without letting it touch the ground on their half.

The first team to win three 25-point sets wins the game in this beautiful sport initiated in 1895 as – Mintonette – a pastime which used some elements of tennis and handball. It was also regarded as less aggressive than basketball which was being initiated at roughly same period.

Volleyball evolved and transformed into a highly popular sport over the course of history to become a professional sport governed by Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) which covers all variants of the sport – indoor volleyball, beach and grass volleyball as well.

Volleyball Competitions

Played throughout the world, Volleyball is enjoyed through individual leagues. The highest level of the professional sport is played in Europe where the CEV Champions League is the top official club competition for men’s volleyball, which is played every year.

The International competitions which gather most attention from views and bettors alike are the World Championship both for men and women’s volleyball. Betting sites rush to offer best bets and odds for this competition which usually produces plenty of surprises and wonderfully competitive matches.

The Olympic Games is another high-profile competition volleyball is a proud member of. There is no need for a detailed explanation when it comes to the Olympics which are definitely the pinnacle of every athlete’s professional career and as such are hugely enjoyed by fans, supporters and bettors alike.

The World Cup and the World Grand Champions Cup are also two high-profile competitions, although it is the World League that attracts plenty of attention when it comes to international men’s volleyball.

Women are not to be neglected, though, so it is only fair to mention the World Grand Prix, an annual international women’s volleyball competition, widely regarded as the ladies’ versions of the World League.

Volleyball Markets

Volleyball has enjoyed an increased popularity over the past couple of years despite less coverage than other sports like football or tennis. However, plenty of bookmakers will offer great live streaming services that will help you get a piece of the live action. Most notable of those betting sites is definitely Bet365, where you can also find the best odds and best markets for the sport.

Similar to other sports out there, the Winner market is the most common of them all and at the same time the simplest way for novice punters to firm their grip on betting on volleyball. It’s a simple bet on which team will win and should allow you to sit back and enjoy the game itself while trying to get the hang of the sport itself before you go with some more complicated betting choices.

Outright betting – also called Futures betting – is a bet that will see you place your money on a winner of a certain competition that is yet to start. Another simple and straightforward market, but a highly uncertain one in a wider frame.

Volleyball Total Sets betting is arguably the most exciting option for the sport. You get to predict whether the number of sets won by both sides would go over the predetermined number or if it stays under the set value. When it comes to set betting, plenty of top bookmakers will offer special variants such as Score after two/three sets, Correct set score, Set winning margin etc.

Handicap betting is also a form of highly popular betting variants which will see the less favourited team get a handicap set in order to level the playing field against the team which is likely to win the game.