Best UK Casino Sites for 2017

On this page we will be running through the best uk casino sites that are currently available. Unfortunately in the United Kingdom we do not currently have casinos with the same glitz and glamour like Vegas or Macau and instead have to make do with smaller casinos like Grovesnors. Fortunately because of this the UK has some truly unique online casinos which offer all of the latest games whether you want to play on video slots or experience the live casino. Below is a selection of online casino sites that we have considered the best that is currently available in the UK:

Our Best UK Casino Sites List

How We Select The Best Online Casinos

As we’ve mentioned earlier, choosing a casino will come down to personal preference at the end of the day but its our job to ensure that while making your decision you only have the best sites to choose from, nowadays its too easy to set up a white label casino and get customers to sign up however the problem with this is sometimes they aren’t the most trustworthy of providers meaning you waste your time and put your own money in danger. Thats why on this page you will only find the best sites to play your favourite casino games at. Below is a brief overview on all of the sections that we analyse while choosing our favourite places to play:

Overview: In this section we will give a general overview of what the casino site is all about, the history behind it such as how long its been in operation, which company currently owns it, where its licensed and what software providers currently power their games and the features that are available on site.

Software: While we mentioned the software providers in the first section in this part we will be going into more detail on whats available giving a general overview of what each software provider does as some are more specifically geared towards certain types of games e.g. some software providers will have more of a focus on video slots, where as others are more geared towards providing customers the chance to play the newest table games.

Games: Definitely one of the most important factors when it comes down to making a decision on which casino site you want to sign up to, depending on which software providers/game type you provide will determine which casino is right for you. There are some casinos which provide a diverse range of casino games focussing equally on slots, table games and video poker such as Mr Green, where as some online casinos tend to focus more so on slots than anything else. While writing this section we will list some of the more popular games that are available and go into detail on which games the casino tends to favour. For more information check out our online slots review page.

Live Casino: This is still an up and coming feature with a few online casinos the bigger the casino the bigger the likely hood that it will offer customers the chance to play at a live casino, this is where you will get the chance to play against the dealer themselves as well as playing with other customers, the nice bit about this is you’ll actually be able to converse with both the players and the dealer alike. It also means you wont be playing against a random number generator machine giving you a much more realistic experience.

Customer Support: Similar to our betting sites reviews its equally important that online casinos have a dedicated support team who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, there are a few casinos out there which only have support teams working between 9 – 6 but you wont find them on our list. We only select casinos which you’ll be able to contact at any time no matter when.

Security: Probably one of the factors that the majority of customers forget about when signing up to a new site, however this isn’t something we over look. Each casino has to have both firewall protection to prevent hackers from breaking in and stealing data as well as some form of encryption technology so even if the previous event was to happen they wouldn’t actually be able to understand the data that is transmitted to the servers anyway having both of these in place will ensure that all of your personal details will remain private.

Fairness: For a casino to even be considered in this list it needs to be fair, which essentially means that customers have a chance of actually winning from the slots or games that are available. As online casinos use RNG there needs to be a certain chance built in which will allows you to win. Fortunately when reviewing the casinos we look to see if there is an independent audit seal on site which means that a 3rd party company has come in and tested the games that are on offer ensuring that customers are given a fair chance.

Are They Good For Beginners

When ranking and reviewing our gambling websites we don’t just look at it from an experienced gamblers point of view we ensure we enter every new casino room with a fresh out look on it in order to put ourselves in a newbies shoes. No body wants to sign up to an overcomplicated website where they feel lost trying to find a slot game to play and all of the sites that are in the list above offer all of the features that any gambler will need as they progress from a newbie to a veteran.

What Welcome Bonuses Are There

There are plenty of different welcome bonuses available to keep any casino player busy some of the ones that you will come across on site are:

Free Spins: A free spins bonus is when a casino will provide a new customer the chance to play a specific slot game or a selection of slot games/table games without having to use any of their own money. There are generally two types of free spins promotions available no deposit and deposit bonuses. A no deposit free spins will be awarded with you without having to deposit any of your own money beforehand and deposit free spins are triggered once you make a certain deposit into your account. The worth of free spins varies depending on which casino you’re at and can range from anywhere between 10p all the way up to £3.

No Deposit Bonuses: Similar to free spins but instead of offering a specific amount of spins on a slot a no deposit bonus tends to be a cash bonus which will allow you to use it on any of the games at the online casino. The only downside to this is they tend to be smaller in amount meaning that they get used up quicker. However they are a great way to try out a new casino without having to deposit any of your own money before hand.

Deposit Bonuses: These are the big daddy of the casino world and where you will get the most value there are plenty of different variations with this ranging from a host of different percentages. For example if you were to sign up to Betfred casino they would provide you with a 300% matched deposit bonus all the way up to £300. This essentially means in order for you to claim the biggest welcome bonus that Betfred offer you would need to deposit £100 into your customer account then Betfred will credit you with an additional £300 to your customer account. The benefit of these bonuses is that you will have more funds meaning there is more potential to win big. It also allows you to trial out all the different features that are available at the casino. Sometimes these can also come as staged bonuses which means you may have to deposit a few times to get the maximum benefits (generally seen with bonuses that are a £1000+)

Welcome Package: Welcome packages tend to offer the full selection including a no deposit bonus and a deposit bonus + free spins. An example of this is the Leo Vegas welcome package which will allow you to claim 50 no deposit free spins, a £1,500 deposit bonus (staged) and a further 200 free spins. These offer the best value for money and tend to be the most appealing for customers of all needs.

For those of you wanting to gambling on your mobile phone then you should check out our best betting apps page where we review all of the best online casino applications.