Best Betting Apps for 2017

Looking for the best betting apps to download? Well read on and see which one suits your needs. With mobile betting quickly becoming the only way that people bet nowadays we felt it was particularly important so separate the desktop site and the app itself and review it separately. Take a look at the table below to find out best betting apps for 2017:

Best Betting Apps for 2017:

Features of a top gambling application

This is a bit weird one, a bookies actual website could be really good but their mobile app could fall short of what we’d expect. This means that while that specific site could be your favourite desktop site if their mobile app isnt as good it might prevent you from using them as your go to betting application. We hope to remedy this by linking both our mobile app and desktop reviews together. In all of our reviews we will be covering the following information:

App Layout: Similar to the way the website is laid out, however with apps its even more vital that their layout is on point given the fact that its a much smaller screen which means there is even less margin for error. The app itself has to be both pleasing to the eye and well spaced so that you can easily move around with out ending up on the wrong page because you mis tapped something. Speed is also equally important as you don’t want to be sat waiting for your bet to place and the odds change meaning you get less value.

Mobile Bonuses: Despite the popularity with punters choosing to use their mobile to place bets the majority of bookmakers still aren’t offering mobile orientated bonuses. There are some that do however such as Bet365 who have a £50 free bet for their customers who make the move to mobile betting. As time progresses we expect to see more bookies adding in mobile orientated bonuses.

Customer Support: The ability to get in touch with a member of the support team from within the app is incredibly important. You should never have to leave the app in order to sort out a problem that you may have.

Betting Markets: While reviewing each application we pay particular attention to whether they feature the exact same amount of markets that you would get on their desktop site. We still see some sites reducing the amount of markets they offer in order to cut corners. A great example of a top mobile application is Bet365 who offer customers the same depth of markets on both mobile and desktop devices.

With every single app we review we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to download, install and register a new account with your chosen bookies.

What benefits are there

There are plenty of benefits to using a mobile application instead of accessing the mobile optimised version of the site.


It may be hard to believe this but betting apps are actually even more secure than their web based counterparts. They act as an additional layer of security with your data going through another layer of encryption before being passed over to their servers. This means that your data is doubly protected ensuring that in the incredibly unlikely event that there is a data breach they thieves will not be able to access any of your private information.

For every mobile app that you see listed on this page you can be assured that they are all of the highest quality. With them all regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.


As the app is loaded directly from the phone it reduces the risk of your device contracting any viruses while browsing the net and any viruses that you may potentially have on your phone will not be able to transmit data because they will not be able to work over the mobile apps secured network.


Every app and review you read is free at we wont be charging you and we ensure that every app listed is completely free of charge some may even reward you with free cash for signing up.

Legal Betting

Rogue bookmakers come and go, and unfortunately so do the apps that they front. We conduct background checks on every bookies and app to ensure that all the rules set out by the Gambling Commission are complied to in their entirety.


Apps allow the end user a certain degree of customisation that you wouldn’t get if you were to bet through the mobile site. Remember that not all bookies offer this but it certainly is a big benefit in our eyes. You can put all your favourite markets, teams and bets at the forefront meaning you can get straight into betting on your favourite sports even quicker than before.


Its actually a lot quicker to bet with an app than it is with the mobile optimised website and this is for a few reasons, firstly the app actually uses more of the phones resources which cuts down the strain on the amount of data required to run this improves response times ensuring you can get a bet on quicker than before.

It also means instead of having to type in the URL each time you want to go to a new website instead you can hop between all the different apps you have quickly comparing the odds and seeing where you get the most value.

Mobile app or mobile site?

To be honest there isn’t much difference between the layout of the two, betting sites want to give their customers a choice between wether they want to download the app or not. Even if the bookies don’t have a dedicated application don’t let this put you off, there are plenty of good betting sites out there that don’t have their own app just yet.

Here at we always choose to bet through the app rather than on the website when we bet on our mobile due to it being quicker, safer and more reliable than using the mobile website. There may be a small learning curve but its definitely worth it at the end of it.

How to download a betting app:

With two major operating systems for mobile phones this means that there are two different ways that you can download each of these applications.

Android: Android users don’t have it as easy as iOS users unfortunately this is due to the google play store currently not allowing any gambling applications to be listed into the play store. If you see any in there we advise you not to download as these are not the official applications and will have been created by developers who could of implemented all sorts of viruses. However in order to download your app you will want to head over to the sites homepage and download it straight from there.

iOS: Apple users have it a lot easier all you’re required to do is head straight to the app store search the app that you would like to do and download it from there. You also have the option to download it straight from the website if you wish.