How To Beat The Bookies in 2017

Following on from what we began discussing on the homepage of while there are no surefire ways of winning a 100% of the time there are 10 things that you can do that will improve your chances of beating the bookies. Read on below to see what you need to do:

1. Know everything there is to know about the sport

While deciding to place a bet a quick check on the teams last few games just isn’t going to cut it I’m afraid, you’ll need to boil down deeper than this and look at their offensive and defensive stats, how many shots were against them, whether they have any suspensions or injuries. All of these factors can influence the outcome of a match.

This is especially important in individual sports like tennis or golf where one minor niggle can make the difference between you winning or losing on your bet.

Putting in the effort to research these finer details will leave you better informed about the upcoming matches allowing you to really spot where the value is.

2. Don’t always back the favourite

This is one of the most obvious things to consider but its pretty much always overlooked, the favourites don’t always win. Just take a look at last years Premier League where Leicester won the whole thing despite the bookies putting them at 5000/1 odds.

Heres another example, Rafael Nadal is known to be one of the best Clay court players in the tennis world. He came up against Fabio Fognini in the Barcelona Open. Clearly the bookies had put Nadal as the favourite given that he had won the Barcelona Open a whopping eight times already.

Now if you’d of researched the match before hand you would’ve found details that the bookmakers had actually overlooked, Fognini had actually already beaten Nadal on a clay court in Rio De Janeiro a few months before this match and Fognini is also well known for beating the top seeds.

As the bookies had overlooked this they priced Fognini at 8/1 odds which is a lot more attractive than the 1/10 odds Nadal was. Bet you cant guess what happened next? Fognini went on to beat Nadal in straight sets.

3. Sign up to more than one betting website

You’ve probably heard the saying loyalty pays, online sportsbooks are consistently trying to get a bettor to stick to just one site using a range of different offers, promotions and loyalty programs to ensure that you keep coming back time after time. Well did you know its actually better to shop around and sign up to more than one sportsbook?

This will allow you to compare sites and find what offers are available for specific matches, whether its price boosts, cash back or in-play bets.

For instance, Betfred are known to payout double/treble the odds on first goal scorer markets for matches that they’ve selected. So if they’ve got the match you’re going to bet on included in the offer why wouldn’t you bet with them instead of somewhere where you’d get standard odds?

4. The less picks on your bet slip the better your chances of winning

Another incredibly common sense approach to betting but one that is often overlooked, the less teams you have in your acca or the less choices you’ve put on then you’ll stand a better chance of winning.

Everyone chases those huge acca’s with 300/1 payouts in a hope that it will make them a small fortune, however this is seldom the case if you want to bet smart and make a consistent profit from online gambling you’ll want to include a maximum of four choices.

Don’t get me wrong, it does happen some people do win some outlandish accas but these are once in a life time, you’ve probably got a better chance of winning the lottery.

Its actually a known fact that the most money is lost from singles and doubles as these are typically the most sure bets.

5. Stay away from odds-on prices

We all give into temptation at some point and stick a long shot acca down, but if you do go this route don’t go adding in safe bets in order to increase the payout for a tiny bit extra in the winnings pot.

This is a lot easier to do in individual sports like golf and tennis where you would normally see all of the top players being placed against unknown ones. Now to most bettors this looks like a great opportunity to get your bankroll off to a great start with some easy wins but this is seldom the case. Theres always one player that will let down your huge acca which only has a minute payout. Betting is always about finding the value and if theres no value then you shouldn’t bet on it as its too risky of an investment.

Instead you should refer back to point 1 that we made, research the games going on and try and find yourself a player thats unknown but has performed well in the past against the big names as these tend to be where the upsets occur.

6. Look at the more niche markets on offer

Research, research, research this is something that you will see come up a lot in this guide and if you’ve done your research on your chosen sport then you will be able to recognise

Additional markets are a double edged blade in that they are essentially more ways for you to lose but its also more ways for you to find value in matches which have very little.

While its not exactly a sound bet to wager on Middlesbrough to beat Chelsea away you may be able to win if you were to bet on the handicap market.

7. Learn about the markets you’re betting on

More research for you to do, especially if you’re going to be betting on the more niche markets. Here you will want to understand the ins and outs of how each one works before placing your bet to ensure you know what results in a win.

For example when backing the win both halves then your team has to win both halves meaning they have to score more goals than the other team in each half.

These subtle differences will result in whether you actually win your bet or not which is why its important to understand fully.

8. Bet with your brains and not your emotions

Emotions and betting do not go together as soon as you let your heart start making decisions for you then thats where you will start to mess up and make silly choices resulting in you losing your money.

This means:

a) you shouldn’t always back your team to win especially when you know that its very unlikely it will happen its just dead money.

b) if you lose money dont sit there trying to win it back, take a break from betting and come back when you’re feeling less frustrated.

c) Avoid big games like derby matches and cup finals as these tend to bring out the most unlikely results, we’ve all heard of how the FA cup is known for its giant killing with small teams in the lower leagues beating out the Premier League teams.

So keep your wits about you and always bet with your head and not your heart.

9. Place your bets at the right time

Unlike when you bet on the horses bookmakers do not offer best odds guaranteed for other sports which means you need to pick the right time to place a bet when the odds are a their highest.

While a lot of betting sites will enhance their odds or have certain offers on specific markets standard odds will vary throughout the day before kick off.

So its equally important if you want to get the biggest winnings from your bets to place your bet at the right time as the closer the match gets the more the odds could start to drop.

Keep in mind that that majority of popular sporting events will have enhanced prices put up by the bookies which is why its important to be signed up to a few online bookmakers so you know who’s giving the best value.

10. Less is mostly always better

With more sports comes more risk, dont be fooled into betting on a wide range of sports in order to spread your risk as this is one o the worst thins you can do.

As the popularity of sports rise and fall bookies will change their offerings to match their customers demands. An example of this is the surge in popularity with MMA which means bookmakers have reacted to the market and decided to add it to their offerings.

However with more choice comes more chance to lose, especially if you don’t know anything about the sport. Thats why you should only pick a handful of sports 3 – 4 and learn as much as you can on these sports. We would advise you to pick two popular sports as football and tennis and then two lesser known sports which could propose much better value as the bookies wont be as focussed on them.

At the end of the day there is no sure fire win to always win at the bookies, if there was we’d all be rich and they’d all be poor but if you follow our 10 steps you will be much closer to beating the bookies at their own games.